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Friday, November 30, 2007
2:00 - 5:30 Jackson/Terrace Level  

EntNet @ IEEE GLOBECOM Tutorial #21
On-Demand Enterprise: Virtualization and Grid-Based Mechanisms for Service Continuity

Presenters: Inder Monga
, Director, CTO Labs, Nortel
Siva Subramanian
, Director, Strategy, Enterprise Data Networks, Nortel

Inder Monga, CTO Labs, Nortel Siva Subramanian, Director, Strategy, Enterprise Data Networks, Nortel

Fast-paced innovation in the networking industry has addressed customer challenges like security, application delivery, compliance etc in the form of a plethora of point-function products. Introduction of such point-function products into networks has resulted in complex and ad-hoc network architectures. The same is also true for application architectures.

CIO’s today are looking for ways to reduce Total Cost of Ownership and enhance Time-to-Market for their businesses. Virtualization is one technology that presents an answer to these problems. Storage and Server virtualization technologies deliver increased utilization and enhanced agility of datacenters.

This tutorial introduces concepts of network virtualization and its interaction with computer, storage virtualization within the Data Center as well as in the context of Grid Computing within the logical boundaries of an Enterprise. The participants will learn how these virtualization techniques can be applied cost-effectively to maintain service continuity in the era of Globalization.

Inder Monga is Director, Strategic Technologies in the CTO Office at Nortel. His current focus is on Programmable network middleware, Metro Ethernet architectures, Grid Computing and Sensor Networks. He has over 20 filed patents, peer reviewed papers and has successfully participated in multiple DARPA projects. He is an active contributor to the OGF and co-chair of Firewall-Issues Group. Inder has over 14 years of industry and research experience in telecommunications and data networking.
Inder graduated with M.S. in Computer Engineering in 1992 from Boston University and with Bachelors in E.E. in 1990 from Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, India.

Siva Subramanian is Director of Strategy in the Enterprise Solutions division of Nortel. He is responsible for business strategy and planning for Nortel’s data networking business. Prior to this he has held a variety of roles in Product Management, Engineering & Architecture, and Advanced Technology at Nortel. Besides his current role in the business unit, he also pursues his own interests in research and academia by participating in panel discussions, seminars and conferences in the industry and universities. His interests include programmable networking, hardware acceleration, security and application intelligence.
Siva has over 14 years of industry and research experience in networking and telecommunications. He holds a patent in the area of application-layer intelligence for routers and is the author of seven other pending patents. Siva holds a doctoral degree from North Carolina State University, Raleigh, North Carolina.

2:00 - 5:30 Dupont/Terrace Level  
EntNet @ IEEE GLOBECOM Tutorial #22
Internet Protocol Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) for New Generation Enterprise Services

Presenters: J-Ch. Grégoire, INRS-EMT, Canada, and B. Khasnabish, Verizon, USA

J-Ch. Grégoire, INRS-EMT, Canada Bhumip Khasnabish, Verizon

This tutorial starts with a review of the session initiation protocol (SIP) and its evolution to support the IP multimedia subsystem (IMS) in Enterprise. Status of the Next-generation converged Enterprise networking using IMS is then presented. Service providers' views and the lessons from Blackberry, CENTREX, and alternatives in integration are then carefully reviewed. Finally, we present the future of service migration using IMS and service oriented architecture (SOA) concept.

J-Ch. Grégoire is currently Associate Professor at INRS-EMT in Montreal, Qc, Canada. He holds a Masters' Degree from the University of Waterloo and a PhD from the Swiss Federal Polytechnic, Lausanne, Switzerland.   Throughout his professional career, Prof. Grégoire has been involved in telecommunications systems engineering, often in partnership with industries such as Nortel and Bell Canada. Over the years, he has had contributions in formal methods, network design and operations support, and service architecture.   More recently he was involved with a research consortium on 3 rd generation wireless in Montreal (IIT), working on wireless Telehealth applications and studying the benefits and challenges of IMS for new services.   Prof. Grégoire is a member of IEEE.

Bhumip Khasnabish , SM-IEEE, PhD, is a distinguished member of technical staff at Verizon Laboratories, Waltham, Massachusetts.   He works on various NGN projects related to delivering enhanced voice, data, and video services to business and residential customers. Previously Bhumip worked in Bell-Northern Research (BNR) Ltd. designing, implementing, and leading implementation of trunking and traffic management software modules for Passport® multi-service switch.   Dr. Khasnabish has authored/co-authored more than 150 patents, books, chapters, technical reports, Industry Standards contributions, and articles for various international archival journals, magazines, and referenced conference proceedings.   His recent book entitled, "Implementing Voice over IP" [ISBN: 0-471-21666-6] is currently in second printing.   Previously he co-edited "Multimedia Communications Networks: Technologies and Services" [ISBN-10: 0890069360, ISBN-13: 978-0890069363]. Bhumip is also a member of the Board of Editors of the Journal of Network and Systems Management and an adjunct faculty member of Brandeis University and Bentley College.

Pricing and registration for the EntNet 2007 Tutorials is available at: IEEE GLOBECOM 2007 Registration.  



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